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  • Hansell Board Evaluations

  • The three most important contributions an outside advisor can make in the board evaluation process are expertise, independence and the ability to protect the sensitive information that surfaces through this process. Having worked closely with boards for more than 25 years, our team understands the issues of concern for directors. As lawyers, we are able to protect our clients' confidential information and provide legal advice in connection with the challenges faced by corporate boards.

    No one approach to board evaluations is appropriate for all boards in all circumstances. We conduct broad-based board effectiveness evaluations as well as deep dives on specific issues. In alternate years, we often recommend short-form evaluations. We select the evaluation tools carefully. Interviews, questionnaires, 360s, self-assessments, peer assessments, individually or in combination, can all be helpful, but can also disrupt board effectiveness if they are not used effectively, by an experienced advisor.

    With the help of research experts, we have designed a survey that covers all of the key issues for an annual board evaluation. We supplement our survey questionnaires with questions designed to meet more specific client needs. Where a client prefers the continuity of a questionnaire they have used in the past, we administer the survey and report on the results, adding the important element of independence to this process.

    Most importantly, our practical experience and deep expertise in governance equips us to work with our clients to understand the issues raised in the course of an evaluation and develop actionable suggestions to improve a board's effectiveness.

    A more detailed description of this service is available here.